Connecting During COVID

Social Isolation is (obviously) something that really isolates us from one another. What we’ve found is that the relationships we’ve had before the pandemic are the ones we’re turning to now, which is great, but we’re also noticing that it’s harder for young people to start new relationships with some of the supportive adults who are around them.

We’ve found that games are really a great way to build connections with one another. Here’s some ideas for how to engage young people.


  • – The go-to spot for chess online. Allows for live player-vs-player games and turn-based games.
  • Not All Bad Cards – a family-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity that allows for customized decks
  • Playing Cards A versatile tabletop simulator that allows for pretty well any card game you can play with a deck of cards. The interface is very manual, so you’ll be dragging cards to the discard pile, etc. (Also, the Cards Against Humanity version here is not family friendly!)
  • CardzMania Another card-game website. This has a lot of good games, and the nice thing is the interface handles all the game logic, discards, and rules.